Dr. Phillip Brian Poindexter was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1965.

He attended Oklahoma State University and Graduated from Texas Chiropractic College with a Doctorate in 1997.

Dr. Poindexter has achieved several notable achievements in his 20+ years as a Chiropractic Physician, Inventor, Entrepreneur.  He was one of the first to introduce Decompression Therapy a non-invasive treatment for herniated disc in Houston,Texas in 2004. He also went on to form HotSpur Management & Consulting, LLC., where he was instrumental in raising over 50,000,000 in investment capital to be loaned to third party companies. Dr. Poindexter co-invented Hammer-Tight a Safety tool for the oil industry,patent number 9,079,300 that he sold in 2015. Dr. Poindexter went back into private practice in Grove, Oklahoma where he was awarded Chiropractor of the year in 2017.

Dr. Poindexter has one of only three Digital Motion X-rays in Colorado.

Dr. Poindexter likes to spend his off time at his mountain retreat and ride his dual sport motorcycle, he also likes to golf and shoot his compound bow.